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this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy


this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy

So I had this discussion on plurk today about VILLAINOUS WOMEN and their role in comics. In essence, people had felt that I’d been putting Ward on a bit of a pedestal initially, and that bugged the hell out of me and made me want to seek out women who filled that same role. Discounting the reasoning that makes a human being crazy. Shouldn’t women be just as capable of doing terrible things as men?

I didn’t ask this lightly because you know, women get more then their fair share of crap (and I can say this as a woman) but I wanted stories of women who were forced to do terrible things and became terrible people because of it because the overwhelming material that I found seemed to suggest that having a vagina gave you a free pass at both being evil and being a bad ass.

What it came down to was, yes there are women like Ward, yes I’m not alone in liking that particular character and ultimately it’s not bad that I enjoy that character as long as I don’t excuse their actions or try and justify them - or at least ultimately have them realize they were batshit wrong and are batshit crazy

(But who are we kidding that will never happen in Ward’s case.)

What I also learned however is that there’s a fandom tendency to hold men up on pedestals and ignore their flaws (see me) and hold women up on their pedestals and ignore their flaws (see others) but that women - due to the lack of badass female characters? Seemed to have their flaws ignored for far less then the men?

That being said, I learned that A- it’s okay that I like Ward and I am having fun being terrible (because let’s be honest I am disney, I am so fucking hufflepuff. Sure I’m a Tonks level hufflepuff occasionally but I’m the fluffy one.I’m the sweet one. I have a certification in kissing your ass)

and that there are ladies out there who I can like too. Like Yelena Belova who I am now going to learn all I can about so I can cosplay her at something in the future.

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The real tragedy is that it’s ingrained for a person to think “If we don’t like the same thing then one of us must be fundamentally wrong.”

This is just for personal edification as opposed to actually making a point but I just had an amazing epiphany for me personally and I need to write it down.

"It’s okay for me to like different things then you do. Just don’t try to change my mind unless you’re prepared to back it up with facts. Actual facts, not personal opinions, not secondhand facts from other sources.

It’s not your responsibility to educate me.

It is your responsibility to tell me why you want me to change my mind and not just force me into it.

There are a lot of people who have done that throughout history on issues great and small and it’s never turned out okay.

Unlike most people, or so it seems? I’m willing to admit that I might be wrong and I’ve made a number of changes to that effect. So listen -

Don’t fucking tell me what to do or what to like or not to like. Don’t try and manipulate me. If you think I’m wrong and it’s bothering you enough that you have to say something then tell me, and say here’s why.

Otherwise it’s okay to leave it alone.

Forcing your will on others never works out okay.

This is just a PSA thank you.

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Yes Tina it’s called being a fan of the MCU.

Yes Tina it’s called being a fan of the MCU.

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I. By and Down - Perfect Circle.
Listen to it here

"Who are you trying to be, Romanoff?" It’s not the first thing Ward says to her when she sits across from him, behind the plastic glass that says she’s free and he’s not.

It was meant as a joke, it really was. They trade barbs for old times sake and Ward stays quiet and silent. She’s never been able to let a puzzle rest, she’s never been able to let a game go by without being able to figure it out, never been able to resist a secret a juicy box. She has some of her own now and she’s learned that there’s a real burden to knowing all the moves.

To knowing how the game is played.

Ward plays a game she doesn’t get and she hates him for it because she just can’t let a good puzzle go.

Staring at him across the glass there is a vivid impression of water, a face in water a figure drowning and waiting to be saved. She could drown in the depths of those ice blue eyes and it would be just as cold as the handcuffs he’d put on her before she’d brought him back from the dead. Her vision blurred.

She leaves Ward in his cell only to have the government facility broken into and of course he’s gone. More dangerous then all of them together.

"Who are you trying to be? Romanoff?"

They trade blows instead of barbs in a dingy warehouse. Kicks and punches, twists to the gut. Is she? No, she’s only trying to learn (because if you don’t know then it could hurt you) and May has been a very good teacher. Punch, kick, a far cry from the hacker and terrorists he had been. She is efficient, a machine.

Ward’s had good teachers too. It’s almost a painful cliche that they end up right beside the river. She makes one wrong move (how could she not see it?) and he’s got her by the wrist and for one painful moment everything is silence.

"…Go on then! Drop me!"

It doesn’t feel real. None of it feels real. For a moment he doesn’t look like a secret agent, like a spy, like a monster, he looks like a lost little boy. I had time. I had to take time. It doesn’t look real. His image blurs before he pulls her back up onto the bank, still holding her wrist.

"Do you understand yet?"

Did she? The burden? the pain? The sacrifices? How one person could end up falling into the trap that had consumed him? She twisted out of his grip. He grabbed her again and she pressed herself forward to kiss him. She tasted recoil and gunpowder, the urge to try and kill him overpowering her but for one half a moment one singular heartbeat two like minded souls ran together into one.

And the scene shifted again, his hands around her waist, his arms over her shoulders. He’d lifted her with strength and she’d clawed at him laughing as if in some way attempting to measure up to the last liaison she knew about him having. He did things with his hands and his fingers between her lips as his kisses down her chest and across her breasts left her aching, yearning. He worked- and she remembered reading that was love. A person willing to give themselves completely to another person’s pleasure and…

She is being held on the riverbank, let go, Ward looking back at her - absolutely stunned.


next time she thinks, Next time I’ll shoot the son of a bitch, I’ll knee him in the balls this is only because the chopper’s here…


Reality slams into her like bricks.

"…You still with us?"

Professional. Calm and to the point. Ward’s growing a beard, obviously they wouldn’t give him knives or razors. It makes him look wild, uncouth, like a river beside a warehouse and that sense of two people evenly matched.

The thing that she hates, the thing that she despises is that he looks confused when she gets up, slams the chair against the desk and walks out of the building without saying a word to anyone, past them all, past every single other human being until she can crawl to her bunk and jam earbuds into her ears.

Her mind had betrayed her on orders of her body and what she needed was five minutes to withdraw from the world, to remember her place in it and the people that she cared about and the people that really cared for her in return.

Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of humility / Searching your eyes for the saint is an act of futility…

Coulson doesn’t bother her for a good half a day. she lets the music take her and drowns, drowns in sorrow for the sinners and the lost and all of those who know the world is hard and let it change them.

Ward shoves himself against the guard to take him out of his cell. He can fight with both hands tied behind his back and even if they drugged him (which was a real possibility) would it really be worse then seeing Skye sitting there in the middle of interrogation, something he’d said - truthfully he’d tried to be admiring because she was cutting herself from a new cloth and it reminded him of himself.

The way she’d moved, the way she’d walked into the place.

That’s it. That’s what he tells himself at night as he slams into one guard, breaking the neck of another before he gets a full forty watts of shock stick to his back. The pain is blinding, electrifying, but he doesn’t scream. Better pain then remembering tears, remembering a river.

He prays for dreamless sleep but instead he has, almost as if sent, a picture of a crooked old tree and a cold place and a woman he knows (he won’t say her name) who is forever branded, a part of him, a stolen something of himself, leaning into his shoulder.

"I’m cold."

"…Let’s go inside."

"In a minute."

"who’re you trying to be? Romanoff?"

It’s Skye, Skye, written across his soul and he wishes he could forget her - he thinks he’s crying, making noise, but really all he’s doing is screaming. Screaming. Screaming drowning with the rest of them being prepared to be swept out to sea.

II. Can’t Remember - Shakira and Rihanna
Listen to it here


You want the story behind what happened? Here’s what really happened.

While Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton cut the most dramatic figures across the dance floor since James Bond and Pussy Galore Phil - has long since decided that the snipers on the roof need more then those two targets. They can’t stop, he really wouldn’t want them to. It’s a damn good distraction for whoever May has picking the lock on the safe.

"Would you care for a dance?"

She’s in white. He’s never seen her in anything less then basic black but tonight she’s wearing white with red flowers embroidered all along the hem. Surprised, shaken, she taps her ear.

"…You can monitor while we’re cutting a rug."

"Can you dance?"

He looks affronted, “I’m a spy.”

"what makes you think I can dance?"

"…No one who fights like you do can’t dance."

Elegant, concise and to the point. She offers him a hand and they slide across the room.

You can’t compare to the sun when it’s shining but they manage to hold their own. While Clint has himself pressed up against Natasha Romanoff in ways that would make mothers cover their children’s eyes, Phil’s movements are precise and neat and to the point. May - smiles as he offers her a spin.

Their movements are neat and precise and to the point…even when Natasha taps Phil on the shoulder and May is pulled away by Barton.

"We’re outed."


Guns drawn, it’s really only a different sort of dance.

III - Everybody wants to rule the world
Listen to it here

"…Let me make one thing inescapably clear." The figure has been loud and vocal since arriving via space ship. All scanners tell them he’s human, despite the implants, despite how angry he looks.

Well mostly human.

"…You’re here until you can tell us who you really are."

"My name is Peter Jason Quill-"

"Peter Quill is dead. He was listed as a runaway."

"By you guys right? SHIELD? that’s a joke. Listen if you don’t think your halfhearted attempts at parading your dick around like you’re the king of the fucking jungle haven’t been noticed- OW!"

"Your friend has been taken into protective custody. They’ll be hurt unless you tell us the truth." May’s arm is on his shoulder, "That’s all."

"Yes okay great. And I have told you, even though you don’t seem to be listening…"

"I am listening!”

He screams it, practically, “And all I can tell you truthfully - is that you. Are ants. on a goddamn ant hill and I have never been glad that I left earth. Until today.”

Phil Coulson meets his gaze from behind the glass, “You make me sick. Give me my friends and let me go. Let me go far away and wipe out the fact that I’m terran from every record book in the galaxy.”

"When you answer our questions. We’ve never met anyone who’s been abducted."

"You lost your talk nice privilages when you hit me lady."

"I could make you talk."

"Good luck trying." Peter winced, "Because one of the things that was great about growing up the way I did - was I learned how to pick a lock."

Skye and Simmons jump back as klaxons blare and May, lying against the table with a red mark across her head.

"The alien is lose, I repeat the alien is lose!"

When you’re different you have a radar for other different creatures. Even mankind in it’s smallest dimensions knows this. Maybe it’s that which leads Skye to him first -

He’d been letting one of his friends lose, the raccoon. And they’d been keeping him in the room with the 084.

That’s where they are when Skye finds them, radios it in, only to have a raccoon aim one of their guns in her direction.

"Lady I don’t know where you modified the Chitauri blaster but I am more then prepared to use it! That’s sick!

The body floating in the tank.

"That’s really digusting. God. Quill…Quill?”

Skye is aware of Phil and Fury and May behind him.

"Drop the gun Quill! drop it and we can talk about this! Get the raccoon to drop the gun!"

"Son of a bitch I am not a raccoon!”

"Don’t drop it Rocket."


Peter Quill rose, hands at his sides, and met Skye’s gaze.

"…That body thee? That’s a Kree. did you know about this?"

"Step back and put your-"

"Did you. know about this? You’re not kicking my ass, and you’re cute as hell. So tell me. Did you know about it."

"Why are his legs missing?"

"H-He was in an explosion…" the last time she’d seen hatred like that on another human being…had been looking in the mirror, the reflected surface after Ward had been hurt by Dethlok.

"…Baloney and bull shit. Quill, that’s a medi-pod. A shit one but it’s a medi-pod. They’re keeping him alive so they can drain fluids off of him. And I’d know. Cause I’ve been in one!"

"That true lady?"

"It-" she looked back at Phil, "…Sir-"

"It’s what we had to do. What we needed to do to save humanity." Fury’s voice was deep and abiding, the voice of god in hell, "We have picked up items like this-"

"Items! that’s a living breathing being!"

"People like this for years! And since none of your friends seem ready and willing to make themselves known to us…”

"Let me fill you in dark chocolate." Rocket re-aimed the weapon, not looking at the man as he spoke, "Earth is somewhere between the problem stepchild of the galaxy and a joke and I’m beginning to get why. No offense Quill. Hey-Peter?”

But Peter wouldn’t leave Skye’s gaze.

"Did you know that?"

"No." Her tone was honest and sincere, "No. I didn’t. They used it to bring me back. To bring…him back." She gestured in Phil’s direction, "…He’s my friend.

He deserved it.”

"How the hell do you get "Kree Blood" and make people come back from the dead with it?" Rocket frowned, "Quill I am seriously confused did you know about this kind of shit?"

The stark hatred on Peter Quill’s face. The terror on Phil Coulson’s. Peter let his features slip into calm, disinterested, and raised his hands.

"Now we drop the gun rocket."

"What? Hell no am I dropping my-"

"They’ve got the drop on us buddy."

"So talk to them! These are your people!"

"No." Quill turned to scan the SHIELD agents, the remains of them, "No. These aren’t my people. My people are dead. Or maybe they never existed. I dunno. You know you grow up as a kid, and you listen to the lies?"

Rocket growled,”You’d better be right pal.”

"…Look at them. Copying the technology of better beings." Peter snorted, "Pathetic."

"He’s a good man he-" Skye spoke, keeping the gun levelled and trained even as her wrists shook.

"Who is." Peter Quill looked back at Skye, "Find me one good guy, here. Find me one guy who wouldn’t take what might have been an explorer, who might have been someone who could have helped you you stupid government asshole" he shouted the word’s in fury’s direction, "Find me one good person here and I’ll take it all back. No. Then I guess you’re wrong.

"No you’re wrong!" She’d let herself be thrown, "You don’t understand, you don’t know what we’ve been through! You can’t just come down from the heavens and judge us like…like God!"

"So why are you panicking about it?"

"Why does it bother you so much?"

"BECAUSE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO I KNOW WHO ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO EXPERIMENT ON PEOPLE LIKE THAT ARE THE FLARKING KREE? I mean hey that makes sense did you take a dose of that? did Darth Vader over here?"

"Get him out of here." Fury’s voice growled, "We’re not party to his judgement."

"whatever man! what. Ever. Tiniest penises in the universe man! Waving it around like it’s something to be proud of- Watch the wrists stormtrooper, watch the wrists. Hey Rocket - when we escape from this place, if you wanted collateral damage I’d be okay with that.”

"Read you loud and clear Quill." Skye shook her head and nearly dropped her weapon, "Read you loud and clear."


It was after, after the man had been taken away that fury approached and Phil moved to put a hand on her shoulder…

That she shrugged it off.

"Don’t touch me."

Her mouth twisted and everyone in the room made a study of their feet.

"He’s right."

"We’re sick. We’re all sick." She glared at the glass, "…Shit."

She went back to work all the same pausing only to look in a mirror and dash it to the ground, stomping over the pieces.

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tell me about the dream where we pull bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again

tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us

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Nice outlaw name, did your mom pick it out for you?



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In 1944 the Howling Commandos were tipped off to a meeting between Johann Schmidt and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. Dr. Kroenen became one of the top scientists for Project Ragna Rok, and a close disciple of Grigori Rasputin.

In the mid 1950s, the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow assassinated occult expert Trevor Bruttenholm  under the order to obtain and return to the Russians the weapon that was under his protection.

The Right Hand of Doom.

They soon discover the weapon was truly a child; a little boy with red skin, a stone right hand and a weakness for candy, who was brought forth by the powerful sorcerer, Gregori Rasputin during Project Ragna Rok to unleash the Ogdru Jahad.

Bruttenholm didn’t die concealing a weapon; he died protecting his son.

In order to protect Hellboy from this fate, the Widow and the Soldier adopt him as their own son, The ‘unique’ family turn their backs on the Red Room and on Russia, escaping and going to hiding in the hope of protecting Hellboy from his ‘true calling’. 

It was only a matter of time… until they failed.

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I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.



i would sell my soul for this

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Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP! Coming to NYCC 2014
Introducing 2 new NYCC POP Vinyl Exclusives Two new variants of the DC Superheroine, Wonder Woman, are headed to the New York Comic-con. Star Sapphire Wonder Woman and Metallic Star Sapphire Wonder Woman can be found upcoming con October 9th through the 12th. The two new versions of Wonder Woman…
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Posting this again out of sheer excitement 

wow are any of my followers going to NYCC? I’d love this.



Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP! Coming to NYCC 2014

Introducing 2 new NYCC POP Vinyl Exclusives Two new variants of the DC Superheroine, Wonder Woman, are headed to the New York Comic-con. Star Sapphire Wonder Woman and Metallic Star Sapphire Wonder Woman can be found upcoming con October 9th through the 12th. The two new versions of Wonder Woman…

Read More about Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP! Coming to NYCC 2014

If you would like to find out more Funko POP Vinyl information, go to popvinyl.net

#Comic, #ComicCon, #DcComics, #FugitiveToys, #NewYorkComicCon, #Nycc, #StarSapphire, #WonderWoman

Posting this again out of sheer excitement 

wow are any of my followers going to NYCC? I’d love this.
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