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is that mitt fucking romney

There’s a blog that takes dialogue from the brony documentary and puts it over the Romney documentary images. It’s totally brilliant.

it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my life


Headcanon accepted for what Mitt Romney is doing now.

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Gotta admit, though, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is a pretty cool name.

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DC wants to be Marvel so badly. 




But they can’t make up their minds. 1990s Marvel or current Marvel?

So they decided “why not both” only this is a good example of a situation where that’s not a good idea.

It’s crazy, because DC entered the new millenium with so much more momentum than…

But no. They didn’t. And then Hiddles happened and they still didn’t listen. and then they successfully put five a-list actors into a picture and then Sebastian Stan happened And then freaking - they made a movie with a raccoon and a talking tree before a wonder woman movie was even on the books at DC So you know what DC.

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Thursday, prior to going to wondercon work saw fit in it’s infinite wisdom to bench me so to speak, despite being fine. And today when I tried to get the problem taken care of I discovered that my county health care which was supposed to be all consuming has cancelled itself through my seeming …inaction? IDK. So I was unable to return to work since apparently they literally cannot have me come back without this. To that effect I spent a good two hours on Starbucks wifi trying to make health insurance a thing including a number of selfies with my driver’s license.

That being said, I still…am not going to work tonight I guess? Because I have nothing signed? so I’m beyond frustrated about it and sitting here envying the kids that are going to school at SAC. Today I literally spun my wheels and got absolutely nowhere and it’s the most frustrating feeling ever.

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Healthcare is the most frustrating thing in the history of all things.

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Game of Thrones meme [9 characters]: Theon Greyjoy

Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him.

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musical numbers in Frozen

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Suddenly my house is on fire

Suddenly I’m on fire. Quick. Use your body to help put me out.


Suddenly my house is on fire

Suddenly I’m on fire. Quick. Use your body to help put me out.

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For the first time in forever, nothing’s in our way!

I seriously know the coolest people.
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We made a mess (x)


We made a mess (x)

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